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Apple Fritter by Loaded is a batch of freshly baked, crispy caramalised apple treats with a hint of sweet cinnamon goodness that compliments to leave a delightful aftertaste.

Available in 0mg/100ml

VG: 70% | PG: 30%

2x10ml Nicotine Shots can be added to this e-liquid to formulate a 3mg/120ml.

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Apple Fritter


Apple Fritter well where do we start first of all its caramalised apple bites go down a treat its so much like eating a real apple comes in a 100ml bottle ready to Mix&Vape

VG: 70% | PG: 30%

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This product is intended for purchase and use by persons over the age of 18. Avoid skin and eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse well with water.


Do not leave under direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. This bottle is equipped with a child resistant cap.

Manufactured by Ruthless Vapor Co.

Add 2x10ml NicShot

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    Crispy caramalised apple treats with hints of cinnamon just like you get at the fair.

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