Twelve Monkeys

Straight from the depths of the jungle, Twelve Monkeys E-liquid has arrived to provide vapers with something a little different. As part of a series of flavours which all offer something a little out of the norm, this range is sure to transport any customers to the beating heart of the Amazon. Who could ask for more from a vaping experience?

Twelve by name and twelve by nature, you’ll be able to make the most of quite literally a dozen different flavour combinations. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the location they’re set in, they focus largely around the theme of fruit. Far from your standard strawberry and orange, you’ll find the likes of Hakuna, Matata and Harambae (we’re not making this up).

Some of the most popular e-liquids currently on offer from Twelve Monkeys include:

  • Hakuna (Fuji and Granny Smith apples)
  • Harambae (Lemon, lime and blood orange)
  • Congo Cream (Creamy vanillas and fresh strawberries)
  • Mangabeys (Pineapple and mango)
  • Matata (Grape and apple)
  • Bonogurt (Multiple berries)

Each of these flavours comes packaged in a truly unique manner, with a colour scheme which helps to form the basis for a fantastic product. Dark blacks are juxtaposed with luminous shades of blue, red, green and many more to help craft a product which stands out for all the right reasons.

Fans of all things fruity will absolutely love what Twelve Monkeys have to offer, with a taste sensation which is more akin to a tropical fruit drink than something you might expect to enjoy while vaping. If you’re interested in trying this incredible product for yourself, make sure to pop the flavour of your choice into your basket.