Seven Vaping Tricks That Make You Look Like a Pro

Seven Vaping Tricks That Make You Look Like a Pro

Vaping isn’t just a handy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, it’s also a means to come together in a special community and show off the skills you’ve picked up in your spare time.

Vape Town aren’t just here to provide you with all the e-liquids, e-cigarettes and accessories you could ever want, we’re also active members in the vaping community. As such, we thought we’d showcase seven of the best vaping tricks you can use to impress your friends and make yourself look like a pro.

1. The Dragon

What it is:

This vaping trick isn’t the hardest in the world to learn, but it’s one of these fantastic skills which looks challenging (and amazing) from an aesthetic perspective. The Dragon sees you blowing two streams of vapour out both nostrils, as well as a further two out of each corner of your mouth.

This creates the illusion of an explosion of smoke, which is seemingly emitted from your belly – much akin to the fire-breathing exploits of the mythical creature this display is named after.

How to do it:

It’s surprisingly simple to pull off – all you need to do is take one long drag from your vaporiser and store as much in your lungs as possible. From here, simply release it all through your nose and mouth – but tighten your lips in the middle in order to create two alternate vapour streams. It really is as easy as that.

2. Ghost Hit

What it is:

This is probably the trick which you’ll manage to master first – and is a good starting step for beginners because it doesn’t require much effort at all.

The Ghost Hit sees you breathing out a large cloud of vapour, before quickly sucking it back into your mouth. The illusion it creates is of a ghostly apparition exiting and then re-entering your body (making it a perfect one to crack out on Halloween).

How to do it:

It’s a piece of cake – just store some vapour in your mouth and let it linger for a little while. Next, breath out of your mouth in a ball before promptly inhaling and sucking it all back in. This won’t take many attempts to master as it’s largely about timing (we can all breath in and out, after all). You’ll probably get this on try no. 1.

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3. The Bubble

What it is:

This nifty display sees you blow a large smoke bubble which can float through the air. When popped, it disperses out as a regular field of smoke – but watch for the brief moment when the vapour holds a perfect circle in the air.

How to do it:

This one takes a little more preparation than most on the list, with the real skill here coming from the arts and crafts you do behind the scenes. To produce these brilliant creations, you’ll need a water bottle, washing up liquid and (obviously) your vaping gear.

Cut the end of the bottle away, before dipping it in a mixture of water and the washing up soap. Holding that in one hand, proceed to blow a cloud of vapour through the gap. If you do this slowly enough you’ll be able to form a solid bubble at the end of the “pipe”, which can be released into the atmosphere if you’re delicate enough.

Basically, this is one of the most fun vaping tricks around as it combines the experience of vaping with the joy of blowing bubbles. It’s the simple things in life.

4. The Tornado

What it is:

This one is a little different, as it doesn’t involve lung capacity or internal control. Rather, this trick sees you blow out a solid stream of vapour onto a flat surface before using your hands to swirl it up into a tornado-esque shape.

Once again this isn’t the hardest trick to pull off, but it does look super-cool. Just make sure you’re around a flat service (preferably one you own) when you try it out (and practice lots at home first).

How to do it:

Simply breath out onto a flat surface (using a cardboard pipe makes this easier) and let the vapour collect. From there, run an open hand over the mist – with just the underside touching the table (like a karate chop). Jerk your hand up and away from the smoke and a thin line (the tornado) will follow it and spiral for a few seconds.

5. The Waterfall

What it is:

If you’ve ever watched a fantasy movie and thought; “Hey, I’d like to be able to pour frothing smoky potions out of a bottle like that wizard is!” (let’s face it, who hasn’t?), this trick is definitely the one for you.

The waterfall sees you changing the nature of your vapour somewhat, with it transformed to such an extent it comes out looking almost like a thick, oozing pool of smoke – again it’s wise to pour it out onto a flat top to contain the flow.

How to do it:

This vaping trick doesn’t really involve much personal skill – rather here science is your best friend. Fill a bottle with a small amount of water and then freeze it. Take a drag from your vaporizer and blow it out into the bottle. The chemical reaction will see the smoke become ‘sloppy’, resulting in it oozing out of the container and collecting in a smoke puddle on the table. As it warms up, it’ll disperse again.

6. The O

What it is:

Wizards are getting a name-check for the second time on our list, thanks to the O being made most iconic by Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (as well as the blue caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland – who we all know would’ve been a vaper if he’d been created in the 21st century).

This trick is fairly simple to understand from an aesthetic point of view – when all’s said and done it’s just a large o-shaped cloud of smoke which you blow out of your mouth. An oldie but a goldie.

How to do it:

Here’s where things get trickier. To pull this off you’ll need to inhale some vapour and temporarily hold it in your lungs. From there, hold your tongue down and towards the back of your mouth and form your lips in an O.

Start releasing your vape by pushing out in a pulsating movement with your throat. Every time you do this you’ll emit an O-blow, with more created in a flowing stream if you repeat the process.

7. The Last O-bender

What it is:

Our magnificent seven are rounded off by what is easily the hardest trick to perform on the list – you do want to look like a pro, after all.

This most skilful of vaping tricks sees you create the illusion you can bend the air (and a recently blown O-ring) to your whim. This one looks very badass, so take note of how it’s performed.

How to do it:

To start with, you’ll need to have already mastered being able to blow O-rings, otherwise learning the secondary skill won’t pay much dividends. Once you’ve done that, follow the course of the O with your hand and carefully apply soft pressure to the air directly behind it.

Using this technique, you’ll be able to start controlling the exact direction the vapour will be moving in – whether it’s forwards, backwards, up or down. Regardless of your audience, this is sure to impress anyone as it demonstrates an incredibly difficult-to-master skill.

If you’d like to try out any of these amazing vaping tricks, you’re going to need some top equipment. That’s exactly what Vape Town are here for. We provide our customers with premier e-liquids, vape kits, ohm tanks and other accessories. Check us out to get all the gear you’ll need to pull off these awesome skills.

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