Golden Drops

Golden Drops was created in the Philippines by 3 ex-smokers, initially for themselves, family & friends trying to break the habit we all wish we never started. The buzz grew strong for our Golden Drops e-liquid in our community and we quickly couldn’t handle our growing fan base so we decided to do it right. Our labs and offices grew in our capital Manilla and soon we were getting interest internationally , Asia, Europe then America.

Fast forward a couple of years and inevitably rules and regulations changed, so we teamed up with some good friends in the UK who we have built a relationship with over at least two years. Passionate and like-minded we navigated the positive safety aspects involved with making this industry even safer and flew through safety measures put in place, meaning Golden Drops could be professionally recognised as safe to vape.

We were and still are over joyed that our passion has created what started out to be a hobby and a personal achievement amongst our friends and family, a brand enjoyed by so many people across the world.

We will continue to strive and bring a multitude of great tasting safe flavours to you our vaping community.