Element Emulsions

Element Emulsions sound awfully scientific – and, in keeping with that theme, they base their design around the concept of mixing and blending chemicals. You can find a varied mix of contrasting flavours – some of which make perfect sense, and others which don’t (but in a good way).

The finest brains in the world of vaping have come together to craft tastes which will leave a lasting impression on whoever uses them. As well as the flavour combinations you’ll experience, you’ll also benefit from an aroma which stimulates the senses once that initial kick has worn off.

Just some of the utterly unique combinations which have been created include:


  • Strawberry Whip & Watermelon Chill
  • Key Lime Cookie & Frost Chill
  • Fresh Squeeze & Crema
  • Green Apple & Kiwi Redberry


Anyone who grew up wishing they could mix their own chemicals will love this range. The packaging even pays homage to the would-be scientist in all of us, with a design which looks like a chemical vial right out of a school lab.

If you’d like to try this unique vaping experience for yourself, make sure to add the flavour of your choice to your basket. It will arrive in a matter of days, and allow you to experience the joys of Element Emulsion for yourself.

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