Charlie's Chalk Dust

If you simply love vaping, but are tired of the same old flavours you’ve been using, why not take a look at the premium e-liquids available? At Vape Town we stock some of the world’s favourite flavours, with delicious liquids for you to give a go.

Among our favourites include Charlie’s Chalk Dust, allegedly founded way back in 1923. Charlie’s Chalk Dust offers VG at an incredible 60%, whilst there is a fantastic range of smooth and fruity flavours to try.

We offer nine different flavours under the Charlie’s Chalk Dust brand, including Dream Cream, Honey Badger and Slamberry. Why not take a look at the various flavours and choose one that takes your interest?

It’s really easy to add an e-liquid to your cart and purchase online today. In no time at all you could be trying one of Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s premium flavours, so don’t hesitate to buy yours now.