Using E-cigarette to quit smoking – What You Must Know and Buy

Using E-cigarette to quit smoking – What You Must Know and Buy

If you are one of those who decided to quit smoking and start on the vaping journey, then this article is for you. First of all, you need to understand that it takes some time to get adapted with vaping e-liquids. This is a thing that tends to deter many of the people in the initial stages. However, make sure you continue to persevere and don’t let this stop you midway. You have to be time with yourself and once you have crossed this hurdle, immense health benefits are awaiting you.

Read on further to find out the different things to keep in mind while you are in switching over phase towards the e-cigarette online.

You Have To Give yourself Time

You need to give yourself time to get used to vaping. Why this is so? Your taste buds tend to get desensitised and dulled down due to years of heavy smoking. Thus, even if you try to compensate it using a lot of e-juice, things won’t taste exactly as you will expect.

However, you keep yourself away from the cigarettes; gradually, the taste buds will recover. Things will start tasting better including your e-juice. So, give yourself a while before the results start showing up. For example, people who have smoked for twenty years may take around six months before their taste buds recover. Life will get so much better as you’ll relish and enjoy all the flavours of food unlike before when it seemed like warmed up cardboard.

Making the right headway- Choose the best products and accessories

First and foremost, you have to find an e-cigarette online that you like to the extent that your smoking urges remain at a bay. There are so many juices available in the market that it can be overwhelming to make a perfect choice.

The best thing that can help you is to choose a great online store where you can get all the products you need. There are great vape stores that can make and deliver your order at any time of the day.

You need to keep in mind that the speed of delivery for online orders can vary if the vape store is overwhelmed with orders. For such situations, it may sometimes create delays to find the e-liquid again when you need it. So, if you find a juice that you like, place bulk orders for the same or you may run out too quickly.

Apart from this, you have to take into account the different accessories to make your vaping experience super smooth and enjoyable.

The drip tip is essential for a consistent supply for tanks. This is replaceable snake skin drip tip. It is a short version and available in various colours.

You surely need this stylish RDA with a one-of-a-kind deck. It has a super compact design and gives a great flavour with the use of direct airflow. The design is leak-proof and created to give you an intense incredible flavour.

The DPRO RDA has a bottom feed pin. So, if you want to use it with a squonk mod, it is at your disposal. Some of the unique product features include creative looking post-less deck, four terminals at the deck base, 24 mm diameter, 24 K gold plated deck and much more.

This is a post-less deck with an incredible design wherein you can fit in two coils conveniently to give an efficient and direct airflow towards the coils through the airflow channels. The design is highly efficient to protect leakages and give an intense flavour. Phobia RDA is available in four types of high-quality finishes and 810 drips and 510 drip tip. This is again a squonk ready design for giving you an incredible vaping experience.

  • Nitecore New i2 intellicharge charger

This is an incredible product with an automatic and versatile smart charger compatible with most kinds of rechargeable batteries. With the Nitecore Intelli charger, you do not need to carry several chargers. The package has a UK 3 pin plug. This product can smartly identify Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries and uses an appropriate charging mode.


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