Blog – Do You Vape? Then You Must Know These Things About Smok Coils!


Do You Vape? Then You Must Know These Things About Smok Coils!

The luxurious and classy aspect isn’t the only reason why more and more people are shifting from smoking to vaping. As compare to traditional cigarettes, there are heaps of benefits that are attracting the individuals to try the classy flavored vape. When it comes to vape, all the users hunt for the most convenient and easy way to enjoy the flavorful vapor. To get rid of their smoking habits, these individuals have started to ask questions about the electronic cigarettes, the New Smok Coil, and various other similar devices.

Well! It’s very essential to have a fresh coil after a while because the performance of the vaporizer will be disturbed and might affect you personally. As a result of this, the vape won’t be able to deliver quality vapor and there won’t be any considerable difference in the taste as well. This is the reason why it is always recommended to purchase a quality coil so that you will be able to experience consistent taste without any side effects.

When is the right time to change your coil?
Well! The choice of your e-juice and the mod are the most important deciders in this situation. How often you vape? Yes. Your vaping habits can also decide how slowly or quickly the coil is burnt out. The vape coils need to be changed when the wire coil has worn out or the wick has burnt. One of the best ways to determine this is by monitoring the taste you’re getting out of it.

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Below are the top signs that portray it’s high time to change your vape oil:

1. Burnt taste in your mouth
Have you ever experienced a burnt taste in your mouth? Well! This is the first and the foremost sign which depicts there is something wrong with your vape coil. It doesn’t matter what type of juice you have been using, if the coil is giving you burnt taste and some sensation in your mouth, it’s better to change your coil with the new smok coil. Moreover, you should never try to continue vaping if you are getting a burning taste as the vape begins to burn the coil and you might be exposing yourself to heavy metals.

2. Gurgling sounds while vaping
The gurgling sound can occur for more than one reason. It’s better to assure that whether the coil is functioning properly or not. One of the easiest ways to check this is by replacing the coil. If you find the sound is still coming, then you will know that there is some significant issue at play. Therefore, if the gurgling sound is coming again after an extended period, then you should replace the coil.

3. Juice doesn’t taste the way it is supposed to
The next important factor which says your coil is gone bad is when the juice doesn’t have the taste it is supposed to have. You might think that the juice might be of low quality that is giving you the worst taste. But in actual, it might be the coil that is not working normally and needs to replace as soon as possible. Let’s suppose; you are using the same juice from some time and suddenly, the taste changes. In such situations, it’s better to look into it and see if replacing the vape coil helps in fixing the issue or not.

4. Leakage of e-cigarette
This is one of the most common issues which most individuals face. The leakage of e-cigarettes happens for heaps of reasons such as overflowing of the tank, lousy vape coil, or the worn-out rings. Consequently, you should take a deep peep inside and analyze if the coil is still looking damaged or burnt out before you try to continue to various other possible options for the leakage.

5. If you haven’t replaced your vape coil from a long time
The right time to change your vape coil truly depends upon how much you vape. If you are a regular vapor, then your coil will only last for a week. But if you vape casually, then it should probably last for a month. Therefore, depending on the use of your e-cigarette, you will get to know how regularly you should replace your vape coil.

Check out the five simple steps to change the coil by your own:

Step 1 – Disassemble your vape
Step 2 – Empty your tank
Step 3 – Pre-soak the wicking material of your new coil
Step 4 – Swap the coils perfectly
Step 5 – Replace and refill your tank

Wrapping Up:

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